Kosagi Island "Bio-Isle" Project

The art direction for the island of Kosagi in Mihara, a neighboring town west of Onomichi.

About Kosagi Island "Bio-Isle" Project

This is a project that aims to achieve sustainability slowly through art, using the metaphor of “homeostasis” as a state where a remote island, considered as a single organism, maintains constancy through energy conversion and independence from the external environment. Inspired by the repeating tides governed by the laws of the universe, the project focuses on self-sufficiency in energy, revitalization of villages, and regeneration of coastal seas coexisting with human activities.

Yukinori Yanagi

Director/Artist: Yukinori Yanagi
Architect: Kentaro Yagi

Renovation of Vacant Houses


Completed in March 2015

A vacant house turned into a gallery exhibit “TIDE WATER,” a painting of the Seto Inland Sea by Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju, and to showcase conceptual sketches by Yanagi.


Completed in April 2011

The home base for the project which has been self-renovated.


BH1 / BH2

Address: Sunami SagiurachoMihara, Hiroshima