Sumiya Kiho-an

A reimagining of the lobby and one of the guest rooms at Sumiya, a long-standing inn in Kyoto, featuring artwork by Yanagi and traditional crafts by local artisans. The name Hakutai (hundred generations) is in reference to the eternal travelers from Li Bai’s poem The Spring Evening Banquet in the Peach and Pear Blossom Garden.

Project background

Art Gallery “Hakutai”

The universe is a temporary inn for all sentient beings. Time is a transit visitor over the span of one hundred generations. This drifting life is like a dream.
There is too little time to enjoy the pleasures of living.
(Li Bai – trans. Edward C Chang)

Travelers are invited to pass through the iron tunnels in the lobby, which also serves as a gallery, leading them into a space of extraordinary experience.

Yukinori Yanagi

Art Room “Kohoo”

Another tunnel welcomes guests as they enter the guest room, representing the contrasting concepts of heaven and earth, life and death, physical and metaphysical.

Yukinori Yanagi

Immersive experience of contemporary art and traditional craft

Completed in collaboration with traditional craftsmen based in Kyoto – ceramic artist Naoto Ishi; obi artisan Genbei Yamaguchi; master plasterer Akira Kusumi; and Washi artist Wataru Hatano – the space itself has become a work of art.

Director/Artist: Yukinori Yanagi
Architect: Kentaro Yagi

Collaborator: Naoto Ishi (Ceramic artist), Genbei Yamaguchi (Obi artisan), Akira Kusumi (Plasterer),
Wataru Hatano (Washi artist)


Sumiya Kiho-an

Yunohana onsen, Kameoka city, Kyoto, Japan