Gallery Cafe ULTRA

A renovation project that converted a vacant facility into an art gallery and cafe in the shopping arcade of Onomichi, Hiroshima.

Gallery Cafe ULTRA

In the middle of a shopping arcade leading to Jōdo-ji Temple, the premier ancient temple in Onomichi, attributed to Prince Shōtoku, and home to national treasure architecture, stood a multi-level parking building that had long been empty. It was renovated into a gallery cafe showcasing artworks from the collection of a well-known contemporary art collector.
The plan began by stripping away all decorations to create a space to show art with minimal intervention. This spacious venue also hosts music events, serving as one of Onomichi’s cultural hubs.

Yukinori Yanagi

Project background

Various projects exploring the possibilities of artistic town development centered around ART BASE MOMOSHIMA.

Since the port opened in the Middle Ages, Onomichi has flourished as a port town where people, things, and assets gather. Temples, shrines, and houses, connected by hilly roads and alleyways, filled the limited space between the Onomichi Channel and the three surrounding mountains, creating a view that looks like a “miniature garden.” (Excerpts from Onomichi City Website

Director/Artist: Yukinori Yanagi
Architect: Toru Kashihara and Hiroto Takesawa of Toru Kashihara Architects

About Onomichi Shopping Arcade

Since medieval times, Onomichi has been a crucial transportation hub, prospering as a port city and retaining its quaint old streets without succumbing to wartime devastation. Today, the shopping arcade boasting century-old traditional shops and historical landmarks continues to attract numerous tourists. Made up of five shopping districts, it stands out for its extensive length of 1.2km and many stores, earning its name as “Enomachi (picturesque) street”.
Gallery Cafe ULTRA used to be the “Enomachi Building,” which was built in 1993 as a core part of the revitalization efforts for the shopping arcade. It served as a community facility with a multi-level parking facility but closed its doors in 2013. The parking building was then demolished, bringing an end to its chapter after 20 years.


Gallery Cafe ULTRA

2-3-24 Tsuchido, Onomichi,Hiroshima, Japan